New Cat Food Formulas

Satisfy Your Cat's Carnivorous Instinct!

Ancestral Diet

Purpose freeze-dried raw dog food formulas mimic your dog's ancestral diet with 95% Single Protein and 5% Organic Produce.

From the Ocean!

Fish & Veggie food formula and Salmon treats are a great alternative for dogs with allergies. All wild-caught.

Carnivore Cat

Cats are carnivores. That's why we formulated our cat food line with 99% protein and fortified with vitamins and minerals. New formulas coming soon!

New Complete & Balanced Dry Food!

High-protein with real poultry meat and Diamond V patented postbiotic for pets. Support a strong gut.

Our Purpose

We started our journey with the purpose of offering a better freeze-dried dog food – one filled with not only nutrition but also ethical values. At Purpose we just don’t want to bring another freeze-dried raw pet food diet to the market – we are setting a new standard of quality in the pet food industry while supporting independent American family farms and raising awareness of animal welfare.

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